Why Stallings Residents Love Our Hair Salon Services

Are you searching for the best hair salon near the Stallings area? Look no further. Synergy Salon is here to serve you and bring out the best looks in you. We offer a wide range of services including custom hair styling for special occasions, hair extensions and treatments, facial waxing and many more.

We love and value all our customers, and we always strive to deliver the best that we can. We take everything that we do seriously, and we are good at it. That is why Stallings area people love us and that is why you should like us too. Visit us today and let us take care of your needs.

Hair Color Experts

stallings hair coloring salon

At Synergy Salon we adore color, and that is why we have offered our clients more than 4,000 color services since we started our operations in 2008. We are experts in color, and we provide a broad range of color services ranging from face-framing, double and triple color applications, low lights and highlights.

We have experienced experts who will help you achieve whatever color you may be looking for. Color defines who we are, and we take anything related to color seriously. We shall guide you through an elaborate and in-depth 9-step process before we start performing any color service.

Custom Hair Styling for Any Occasion

Special occasions call for unique and elegant hairstyles. Our expertise in this area has made us the best salon near the Stallings area. It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for your wedding or prom night, we’ve got you covered. We are recognized for our elegant chignons and elaborate up-dos plus a wide range of other custom hairstyles that you will love.

We shall match your hairstyle to the occasion and make you stand out in a crowd. For instance, the Chignon style is among the unique special occasion hairstyles that our stylists can create. No matter what your preference is, we shall give you something that will make you satisfied.

Hair Treatments

best hair salon services in stallings ncOur unique hair treatments have been designed to enhance and fortify your natural hair look for optimal strength and unparalleled elasticity. We are here to satisfy your need for shiny and healthy hair that won’t break easily. We have specialized equipment and formulas that you won’t find in any other salon. We shall evaluate your unique needs with precision before we recommend any form of hair treatment.

Our treatments feature olaplex treatments that will rebuild your broken strands and damaged hair. If you are looking to fix both chemical and mechanical distress, then you will find our Redken Color Extend Treatments very useful. Talk to our experienced stylists, and they will know what fits you best. We also offer various treatments that alleviate drying and itching just to make you feel comfortable.

Hair Extensions

We understand that hair extensions are there to enhance your look and as such, they need to be kept as a secret. We offer 100 percent natural-looking hair extensions, and no one will know that you are wearing hair extensions even if they touch your hair! Our hair extensions are 100% seamless, and even the clip is invisible and can’t be felt in your head even when someone passes their fingers through your hair.

We shall make your hair extension feel and look natural. We are proud to be the only Stallings hair salon that provides high-quality and natural-looking hair extensions. Our experienced stylists are experts in choosing, applying and removing all kinds of hair extensions. We shall even help you find the most suitable schedule for maintenance and good care.

Facial Waxing & More

Have you been spending a lot of time waxing sections of your face to achieve a flawless skin? Worry no more. At our hair salon near Stallings area, we have waxing experts that will get rid of the excess hair from your chin, upper lip, eyebrows and even the whole face. We also offer expert tips and advice on how to achieve the smoothest and best-looking face. We are here to make you more beautiful and young-looking.

Talk to Us Today

Are you a Stallings, area resident? We would like to have you on board. We understand the role that your hair plays in enhancing your beauty and appearance. With over ten years of experience, you can trust our service. We understand that each customer has her own unique needs and we always strive to satisfy your individual beauty needs. Talk to us today and let us take care of your hair. We look forward to making you one of our most valued clients in Stallings area. Call us today at 704-841-7674.