Find the Perfect Fall Hair Color

It may not feel like fall here in North Carolina but soon the leaves will change and the breeze will carry a slight chill. Soon the thoughts of apples and cinnamon, turkey and dressing, and other savory foods will fill our minds and then our plates. It’s a beautiful time of year and many women celebrate by getting their hair colored one of the many popular fall hair colors that are currently trending.

New to Color?

It’s not a crime to have never colored your hair before. It is an opportunity to have the most effective color job with the least amount of time and effort. Unprocessed hair accepts color better, more consistently, and more deeply than any hair which has been processed. Hair coloring may not be for all women, as it relies on the condition of your hair – how porous and healthy it is. Over time hair color can stress your hair so that you might need to avoid color for a while to allow your hair to recover. Or you may need to have deep conditioning treatment that can restore your hair to an almost virgin condition.

If you have colored your hair before, then you might be familiar with some of the things we talk about in this article. We will cover a lot of possibilities. There may still be something here for you to consider taking your hair color to a new level of sophistication.


Subtle Fall Hair Color

Fall Hair Colors

When choosing a fall hair color, you want to be sure to pick something that is suitable for the office, a social 

gathering, or even tailgating on Sunday afternoon. Typically in the fall, highlights and hair color shift from that bright sun-washed look to something darker and more sophisticated.

It is good practice to only change your color a few shades at a time. This is to allow it to be part of your evolving style of the season and not to remake yourself into an alternate identity. Subtle shifts also are better for your hair. Dramatic shifts, such as from black to blonde, require bleaching which can damage your hair and leave it brittle.

Keeping the color shift close also prevents you from worrying about what happens when your hair grows out. When roots grow out from dramatic, multi-shade shifts, they are instantly visible. The further they are in tone from your natural hair color the more obvious the growth. Therefore, if you have a large color separation, you will need to have your hair touched up or completely recolored every four to six weeks. Subtle shifts look more natural as your hair grows out. You may be able to go as long as ten or twelve weeks before renewing your look! Can you get drama from such subtle shifts?


Dramatic Fall Hair Color

One way to address this is to have a single color process that deepens and renews your natural hair color. It also covers those nasty little strands of premature grey that may be creeping into your hair. The depth and vibrancy will Example of Fall Hair Colorresonate with friends and family. They may even think you did not have your hair colored. To them you “just look younger.” You don’t have to tell them if you don’t want to.

The second way to do this is to have multidimensional highlights. In the summer, highlights suggest laying on the beach. Multidimensional fall highlights suggest you were on the beach but now you are pursuing serious activities indoors. The changes in hair color are still quite apparent but the range is darker. This has the effect of giving your hair additional depth and complexity. It is not the essence of being mysterious. It is a subtle detail that affects how people consider you. It is not that your hair color is complex. It is that you are complex. You are not a simple stereotype. You are a person with different indoor and outdoor activities. You may be perceived as being more thoughtful or more intriguing. People you don’t know may want to meet you. People you do know may want to know you better. This kind of coloring allows you to be you in all your complexity.


Get Your Fall Hair Color Through Highlights

You may have heard that highlights consist of a few strands of your hair colored here and there, but highlights can also have design strategy. One of the most popular is face framing. When your hairstyle falls around your face it can create an area of sharp contrast. While that is dramatic and powerful, it may be too dramatic. Placing highlights around your face can soften the contrast and create a gentle shift from your skin tone to your hair. Hair coloring is most effective when the skin tones are kept in mind. If you lose your summer tan you may want to adjust the color of your hair to complement your lighter fall skin tone.

You can also use highlights to give light effects. One of the most popular is the “half head” which generally places the highlights to look as if they were naturally generated from the top of your head down by being in the sun. Dark hair lightens to an auburn or brown. Blond hair lightens to a lighter shade of pale. A neat effect is to do a half head with a darker tone so that your natural hair color appears to be the lightened portion. As the color fades and lightens, it returns to your natural color.

Of course, you can have full head highlights as well. This takes a bit longer but is worth the effort. All your hair can have the multidimensional sun-kissed effect that fades to a more somber autumnal state at the bottom and renders brightness and softness around your face. It can enhance not just your beauty but your self-confidence. After all when you look good and feel good, you can have the confidence to take on nearly any social situation.

You might be dismayed thinking highlights are for twenty-somethings — an age you passed a while ago. Not necessarily so. If you are in your thirties or forties and you feel that mom hair goes along with mom jeans you should rethink that. Hair revitalization can be done in a few short hours. Body shaping is a lot more work. Hair color is a faster and more efficient way to bring you a new beautiful look without all those nasty crunches. One of the things highlights are really good at is selectively covering those few premature grey hairs while allowing your natural hair color to persist. It also means there is less maintenance and less cost. A few foils might be all you need.

Now is the Time for Fall Hair Color

Autumn is the harvest time and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. When it comes there will be social invitations and parties, family gatherings and thankful prayers. In these gatherings, people will respond to the “you” they have come to know over the years. With your new fall hair color and style they may find themselves wanting to know the “you” that you are now becoming, the more adventurous, more complicated and more self-confident you that they may have long suspected dwelt inside you. It is remarkable how powerful a subtle shift in hair color is in changing perceptions. Come get your change sooner rather than later. After all, you need time to discover and become comfortable with the new you. The specialists at Synergy Salon can help you get started on the right foot. 

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