Why Indian Trail Residents Love Our Hair Salon Services

Your hair can have an impact on your overall look. Great hair can frame your face and draw the eye to your facial features. As such, you want to find a salon who can give you the best hair salon services possible. However, finding the best Indian Trail hair salon is not an easy task. There is a lot of competition for hair salons in this area. Here at Synergy Salon, we are committed to providing you with all of the services that you need and helping you to look your best. Here are a few of the services we offer.

Hair Color Experts

When you are looking to have your hair colored, you want your color to last and look vibrant. Here at Synergy Salon, we use the highest quality coloring products to help your hair retain your new color and to keep your hair healthy while it is being dyed or transformed. Whether you are looking to have an all over color service, highlights, low lights, peek-a-boo’s, or trendy mermaid colors, we can help you get the color that you are after. And if you are unsure as to which colors will look best on you, our color experts can pick a color that will look great against your skin tone, helping to ensure the color does not wash you out or look too bold against your skin.

Custom Hair Styling for any Occasion

indian trail hair salon servicesIf you have a special event, you may be looking to wear your hair in a unique style. Whether you are looking for an up-do, all over curls, or a set hair style, Synergy Salon has the stylists to make your desired hair style a reality. We schedule appointments for weddings, dances, such as proms and homecoming, retirement parties, and a variety of other events. When you want the best hair at the event, let us help you. We recommend that you bring in pictures of the hair style you are after to help ensure that we can envision exactly what you are talking about and to ensure you get the style that you desire.

Hair Treatments

If you are looking to make your hair healthier, transform its texture or help it to remain healthy, you may be looking to have a hair treatment performed. There are a variety of different hair treatments that we at Synergy Salon offer, including but not limited to conditioning treatments, deep coloring treatments, smoothing treatments, straightening treatments, curl-based treatments and protein treatments. All of these treatments are designed to soften your hair, change or enhance the texture of your hair, reduce breakage and stop your hair from splitting. Ultimately, a treatment can make your hair look better. Ask one of our consultants which hair treatments they would recommend based on your hair style.

Hair Extensions

Indian Trail Hair Extension ServicesIf you are looking to add length and/or volume to your hair, you may be looking for a hair salon near Indian Trail that offers hair extensions. Many salons do not offer hair extension services. This is because hair extensions take time to install, care for and maintain and many salons simply don’t have the personnel needed to offer this service. But do not worry. Here at Synergy Salon, we are proud to offer different hair extension services, including fusion and sew-in versions. We can even help you install clip-in extensions for single day hair styles. When you want to change up the look of your hair quickly, hair extensions can make it possible.

Facial Waxing & More

While hair may help to make a statement, the last thing a woman wants is hair where it doesn’t belong. This may include bushy eyebrows, chin along the mustache line or even chin hair. At Synergy Salon, we want to ensure that you are happy with your overall look. This is why we are happy to offer our customers facial waxing services. We can help to shape your eyebrows and remove unwanted hair from other parts of the body.

When you are looking to perfect your look, Synergy Salon can help. Whether you are looking to color your hair, have your hair styled for a special occasion, have treatments done on your hair, have hair extensions installed or maintained or have facial waxing done, we can help. Give Synergy Salon, the best salon near the Indian Trail area, a call today to schedule your appointment.