How to Give Boring Hair More Volume

1. Whatever your hair type, lather up with a clarifying shampoo weekly, then immediately replenish lost moisture and elasticity (the bounce-factor that’s key to scoring swingy strands) with a thickening rinse-out conditioner.

2. Get to the root of the problem. Most high class stylist prefer a texturizing powder or spray over liquid lifters like hairspray.

3. Chill out—with the blowdryer. Using low or medium heats causes the cuticle [a hair’s outer layer] to swell up and look fuller, while really high heat makes it collapse.

4. Steer clear of metal and plastic brushes when styling—opt for a mix of natural fibers and nylon bristles instead. Fine hair is more fragile and susceptible to breakage.

5. Amp it up. Boost volume with this quick fix: Spray an aerosol hairspray or dry shampoo onto your crown—section by section—then brush hair straight up into a high ponytail so the roots are vertical. Spray the base again and leave hair up for 10 minutes.


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