Hair tips

Find the Perfect Fall Hair Color

It may not feel like fall here in North Carolina but soon the leaves will change and the breeze will carry a slight chill. Soon the thoughts of apples and cinnamon, turkey and dressing, and other savory foods will fill our minds and then our …

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Mother’s Day Hair Specials

A lot of people speak of Mother’s Day and mothers in terms that are filled with saccharine sentiment. I prefer to think of mothers in a less sentimental fashion. I prefer to think of mothers as being elegant stylish and sophisticated. They are not simply …

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Prom For Girls

Prom night is coming up. He’s handsome. You want to be gorgeous. Really, you are nervous. Maybe you found your dress in only two or three shopping trips. You even found matching shoes though that may have required an extra trip or two. What will …

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Hair Salon TIPS FOR Summer HAIR at Synergy

Are you looking for a hair stylist in Matthews – Charlotte NC that listen to what you want? … Graduated balayage ombre by Quy at Synergy Salon Matthews NC. TOP 5 TIPS FOR Summer HAIR at Synergy Salon , hair salon. 1. Skip the blow …

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SHARE if you like Naturally Straight from Aveda.

SHARE if you likeNaturally Straight was recently selected by 23 renowned beauty pros as Redbook Magazine’s best hair smoother of 2014.  Read the full article here: Naturally Straight was recently selected by 23 renowned beauty pros as Redbook Magazine’s best hair smoother of 2014.        

Synergy Salon: where great Brazilian Keratin Treatments will make you smile.

                                     No frizz hair deals. Get younger healthier looking hair  for this summer  with                              Brazilian Keratin …

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First time coloring your beautiful hair.

The color of your hair is possibly the most dramatic change you can make to your appearance. If it’s your first time, try coloring your hair with your current shade, just to add some depth and shine. Too much of a contrast can be a …

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4 Winter Hair Tips

1. Lay off the glycerin While it has a reputation for smoothing and de-frizzing, glycerin can actually be detrimental to hair in colder weather. In hot and humid climates, glycerin is beneficial because it pulls moisture from the air and adds it to your hair. …

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4 Fall Hot Hair Tips

1. Stop shampooing every day. The chemicals within shampoo can dry out your scalp; it’s best to shampoo three to four times a week. On the off days, wash hair with water and condition only the ends.   2. Designate a deep-conditioning day. Since we …

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5 Ways to Have Great Hair

1. Wash your hair correctly. Note: If you can, try not to wash your hair every day. Daily baths and showers will strip your hair of its natural oils.   2. Dry your hair in a careful manner. Blow dryers can be more benefiting than air-drying if …

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