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Looking for the best salon near the Ballantyne area? At Synergy Salon, you’re always our number one client. From hair color and intensive treatments to up-dos and extensions, we take hair seriously — and we’re good at it! That’s why our Ballantyne residents love us and why you should too!

Take a Look at Our Hair Salon Services:

Hair Color Experts

Color is by far our most popular service at Synergy Salon, and since our opening in 2008, we’ve amassed a whopping 4000 color services to provide to our clients! From double or triple applications of color to low lights, highlights, face framing, and more — we do it all. No matter what color you’re looking for, we have experts who can achieve your desired look.

One of the things we’re most proud of at Synergy is that we take hair color extremely seriously. That’s why every time we undertake a color service with a client, we go through an extensive, in-depth nine-step process:

  • Step 1: Define Your Dream Color Look
  • Step 2: Protect Your Scalp & Hair
  • Step 3: Consultation
  • Step 4: Find Your Color Style
  • Step 5: Application of Skill, Creativity & Color
  • Step 6: Color Maturation
  • Step 7: Chemistry Finishing
  • Step 8: Care-Conditioning
  • Step 9: The Fabulous Finish

This process is used for all hair color services — from corrective color and “going blonde” to dimensional highlights and ombre or balayage treatments. Come visit our hair salon near Ballantyne for your next hair color appointment!


Custom Hair Styling for Any Occasion


ballantyne hair salon services

Elegant events necessitate elegant hair styles. Whether you’re getting married soon, attending a wedding, heading to prom, or just want to look your best at a reunion or party — we’ve got you covered. Synergy Salon is known for our sophisticated up-dos, graceful chignons, and other custom hair styles to match any occasion. Here are just some of the gorgeous hair styles we can provide you with:

  • The Chignon: One of the most elegant of special occasion hair looks, the chignon is typically a low sitting style that gracefully rests at the nape of the neck.
  • The French Twist: Another one of the classics. The great thing about this style is that it works with numerous hair lengths. Even if you have a rather short bob style, we can fix you up with a French twist and it will look gorgeous on you.
  • The Half-Up, Half-Down: For a modern, not-overly-fancy look, try a “half-up, half-down” style — perfect for those with longer hair (it shows off your length and curls!).
  • Other Styles: Of course, our stylists can create any look you’re searching for — from more formal up-dos and upswept styles to classic blow-outs and French brands.

Just talk to your stylist about what custom hairstyle you’re looking for.


Spa-Quality Hair Treatments

Pamper yourself with our spa-quality hair treatments — designed to fortify, enrich, and enhance your natural hair for optimal shine, strength, and elasticity.

Our hair treatments run the gamut from luxurious hair masks that revive limp, dull hair to deep conditioning treatments that stimulate circulation in the scalp and improve drying and itching.

We also have Olaplex treatments that literally rebuild damaged hair and broken strands and Redken Color Extend Chemistry Treatments that improve the length of color treatments and fix chemical and mechanical distress.


100% Natural-Looking Hair Extensions

hair extension services in ballantyne

Just because you’ve got a short cut, doesn’t mean you can’t have long locks sometimes too! With so many current-day styles revolving around long, luscious mermaid hair, it’s no wonder that hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular.

Synergy Salon is proud to be the closest hair salon near Ballantyne that offers high-quality, natural-looking hair extensions. Our stylists are expertly trained in the choosing, application, and removal of all types of hair extensions. We’ll even help you find the best routine for maintenance and care.

We offer half and full-head extensions as well as single strand and “a la carte” extensions. Or — for added fun — consider feather or bead extensions!


Facial Waxing & More

For the most flawless skin, women have been waxing specific areas of the face — or the whole face — for centuries. At our Ballantyne hair salon, our waxing experts can remove excess hair from your upper lip, chin, eyebrows, or full face. For the smoothest, best-looking results, we’ll also provide professional tips and advice for reducing redness and inflammation.


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