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If you are a Mint Hill area resident and happen to be looking for the best and reliable salon near you, look no further than Synergy salon. At Synergy, you will be treated with utmost professionalism and respect since the staff members value the clients. Ranging from intensive hair treatments, hair coloring, and light treatments, our staff members will ensure that you get the best services. Notably, the salon understands that without its customer base, it wouldn’t be where it is. As such, hair professionals and office staff members works towards customer satisfaction to retain them and also get new endorsements.

Considering that the hair largely contributes to the overall look of an individual, our highly trained professionals use products from top brands to avoid infections, hair loss, injury, and other complications associated with hair treatment. For men, the clean and elegant shaves offered by our barbers give an excellent and sleek look which helps build self-confidence. As such, you will never regret visiting our salon and interacting with our professionals.

Hair Color Experts

Hair Color Mint HillFor most people, hair color is a great deal since it goes a long way into boosting their self-confidence. Notably, every outfit requires a particular hair color especially when you have to look sharp for a momentous occasion. With this in mind, Synergy salon has more than 4000 color services available to the customers. This means that you will always find the color you are looking for during that momentous occasion. To ensure customer satisfaction, we take hair coloring seriously by following a nine-step in-depth process as outlined below.

  • First step: definition of the client’s dream color look
  • Second step: adequate protection of the hair and scalp to avoid health issues
  • Third step: extensive consultations with the client and fellow professional on the choice of hair color
  • Fourth step: identifying the most suitable color style
  • Fifth step: application of professionalism, expertise, and amassed skills during hair coloring
  • Sixth step: hair color maturation
  • Seventh step: chemistry finishing
  • Eighth step: care-conditioning
  • Ninth step: applying a fabulous finish

This process is strictly followed when conducting all our hair color services ranging from ombre treatments to corrective coloring.

Custom Hair Styling for any Occasion

Custom Hair Styling Mint HillEvidently, every occasion will require a different hairstyle that goes along with the rhythm. The hairstyle you choose for a funeral service should be completely different from that of a graduation party or wedding. In this sense, you should consider visiting a good hair salon with details of your event to get recommendations for the best hairstyle. Below are some of the hairstyles provided by Synergy, which is the best salon near the Mint Hill area.

  • French twist: this is a classic hairstyle that works well with a wide range of hair lengths. Regardless of whether you have short bob hair, our professionals can fix French twist, and you will look gorgeous.
  • Half-up, half-down: in case you are looking for a modern look which is not overly fancy, this is the best choice. It is perfect if you have long hair.
  • Chignon: this is an exquisite style that is used for special occasions. It is a typically low sitting style whereby the hair rests on the nape of your neck.

Hair Treatments

Occasional hair treatments are a necessity since they help the hair stay sturdy and elegant. Notably. After applying hair color or wearing a hairstyle, maintenance is essential and can only be achieved through regular treatments. Considering that Synergy is a Mint Hill hair salon which offers quality services, you can rest assured that the procedures will be professional and will help stimulate circulation in your scalp, ease itching, and improve drying. Also, your damaged hair can be rebuilt using Olaplex treatments whereas Redken color treatments will help extend the length of color treatments and also fix mechanical and chemical distress.

Hair Extensions

In case you have a short haircut, our salon will have you covered through the use of hair extensions. There are numerous styles and lengths of hair extensions in current times hence you will always get what you are looking for. The good thing is that our extensions are natural-looking and your peers will hardly notice them. Also, if you wish to remove the extension immediately after an event, our highly skilled professionals will do it using the most suitable method and products. For those who want to keep the extensions a little longer, there are routine care and maintenance services.

Facial Waxing & More

Good hairstyle and hair color are not complete without an elegant face. As such, we offer facial waxing services to Mint Hill area residents to help remove extra hair in eyebrows, chin, upper lips, or even the entire face. In so doing, you will have a complete makeover for your momentous occasion.

In a nutshell, your hairstyle and color are critical determinants of your look and impression. In case you are anticipating a historical event, it is good to have a complete hair make-over to ensure that your style matches the rhythm of the occasion. Luckily, Synergy salon, the best hair salon near Mint Hill area, will have you covered ensuring that you look sharp and confident during the event. In this regard, you should consider visiting us, and we promise not to disappoint.


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