4 Winter Hair Tips

1. Lay off the glycerin

While it has a reputation for smoothing and de-frizzing, glycerin can actually be detrimental to hair in colder weather. In hot and humid climates, glycerin is beneficial because it pulls moisture from the air and adds it to your hair. Unfortunately, it can have the opposite effect in cold weather, pulling moisture from your hair instead. If you do use it, make sure to use it with water or water-based products, like Damage Remedy Shampoo.

2. Use more leave-in

After leaving your glycerin-based products behind, replace your moisture source by doubling up on leave-in conditioner. Most curlies consider a leave-in their main staple anyway, so take this time to try out new products. Try Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque.

3. Try softer hold gels

Gels that hold firmly will dry feeling too stiff in cold weather, so go for a lighter hold when choosing gel for fall and winter months. There will be no need for a thick gel to fight humidity, so apply lightly and add more as needed. Brilliant Spray-On Shine is a great option for de-frizzing and adding just enough hold to hair.

4. Use more conditioner

Get into the routine of using extra conditioner to counteract damaging cold weather. Not only should you condition more often, but if your hair is dry and thick enough, you may want to start co-washing and skipping shampoo altogether. Blue Malva Conditioner is an amazing popular multi-purpose conditioner, and so is Smooth Infusion  


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