4 Fall Hot Hair Tips

1. Stop shampooing every day. The chemicals within shampoo can dry out your scalp; it’s best to shampoo three to four times a week. On the off days, wash hair with water and condition only the ends.
2. Designate a deep-conditioning day. Since we all love our hair tools and styling, it’s really important to deep-condition once a week. This will keep your ends from splitting and fraying, keeping that dried-out look away!
3. Remember the prep step. Before heat styling, always use a spray that protects hair against damage, and use use tools that are designed specifically to minimize heat damage with protective coating and an ionic generator.
4. Choose pretty-hair foods. Healthy, strong hair surprisingly has a lot to do with our diet. To get the healthiest hair, it’s best to eat foods high in protein and omega fatty acids, such as salmon, nuts, eggs, and cheese.


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